Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A Note from School

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday.
Today's words: gentle, praise, vulgar

* * *

A Note from School

Avoiding eye contact, Johnny placed the note from his teacher on the table, nudging it inch by inch until it lay next to his father’s coffee mug. “What the hell is this?” John Sr. snarled, snatching up the monogrammed stationery and turning it over several times, as though he could read it without actually unfolding it. Johnny mumbled a response, but all John Sr. could make out were words like “trouble” and “teacher” and “sign”. John Sr. read the note aloud: “Johnny has, of late, dismissed his usual gentle nature and has taken to using vulgar language which is, shall we say, ‘too colourful’ for our classroom.”

“Well, shit, son!” he shouted, clapping Johnny on the back, knocking the boy into the table. “That’s gawdamned high praise coming from Sister Mary Theresa!”


gkam said...

Haha, loved it!

jason evans said...

:) I really liked that.

glnroz said...

You are developing a pattern, you Know? They are all great, have been for ,, hummm,, ever since I can remember..

Heather said...

That sounds so much like my father it is scary.