Friday, July 16, 2010

Growth Analysis

Today's muse: Six Sentences

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Growth Analysis

The bottle of Bud spits and hisses as Jerry twists off the top. He takes a long pull, drags his bare arm across his mouth and lets out a sigh that echoes throughout the neighbourhood. Beside him, John smacks his lips (having just completed the identical ritual) and bobs his head in a meaningful nod, punctuating it with: “Yup.” Jerry takes another long pull, then lets out a thunderous belch, before continuing with the usual routine. “Comin' in nice this year,” he says. John surveys his pal’s backyard—the lawn that is the envy of every man on Falston Street—takes another pull from his beer, wipes, sighs, then: “Yup.”

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glnroz said...

....would fit nicely as neighbors down here in East Texas with me and Hank