Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Moment on the Lips

Today's muse: Sunday Scribblings

An old prompt from the Sunday Scribblings archives.
The prompt: A moment on the lips.

* * *

A Moment on the Lips

“We can’t.” Her whisper is urgent, but she doesn’t move.

His lips curve up as he nuzzles her throat. “Yes we can.” He skims a calloused hand up her waist, brushes against her breast before cupping her face. “I just want a taste.” He tugs on her bottom lip. “For just a moment.”

Every cell in her body wants it. Needs it. Needs him. But she wonders if a moment on the lips is worth the risk of losing everything.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Today's words: error, jingle, vindicate

* * *


She glides the drawer open, inch by precious inch, careful to make no sound. The room is dark, but she's done this so many times before, she needs no light. Tongue clasped between her teeth in concentration she dips her hand into the drawer. Any error at this point would mean exposure. And she can't let him know.

She's not sure why she’s hiding it. It's not shame. Guilt, perhaps.

She lifts the small satin pouch. Her fingers fumble with the drawstring as she empties the contents. She's anxious. Needy. She holds her breath when the pieces jingle together, listens for any reaction from the other side of the door. There is silence, then a cough and footsteps.

She presses back against the pillow, still as death, and wills her breathing to slow. The pounding of her heart all but drowns out all other noise. But then the television snaps on and she relaxes. Leaning over, she pushes the drawer closed. He'll be occupied for a while now. Will likely fall asleep out there.

Her fingers close around the small device. She nudges the dial and the familiar hum makes her smile.

He's with her, behind closed eyes. Not him…the other one, the one she's denied. The other beckons, carries her up the mountain, promises she will soar at the top, thrums against her until she convulses.

And when she takes flight, she is vindicated.