Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Today's muse: One Word. Today's word: Lease

* * *


“Sign here, here, here and here, and initial here and here,” he said, punctuating each ‘here’ by poking at the parchment with a gnarled finger. I signed and initialled and handed the Mont Blanc back to him, shivering when his cold hand brushed mine. “The contract says you will give me wealth beyond my imagination,” I said, putting out my hand, palm up. “The contract also says you will give me your soul,” he replied. I threw my head back and laughed until tears streamed down my face and he stared at me, surprised I had the audacity to mock him. “There’s nothing left,” I said, when I could catch my breath, “that bitch I married already sucked it out of me.”


glnroz said...

chuckle,,with a grin..

Heather said...

So funny! I enjoyed this very much. Thank you!