Thursday, July 29, 2010

Training Day

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday
Today's words: abuse, cramp, hatred

* * *

Training Day

“When you’re sleeping,” she thought, “when you’re at your most vulnerable, I will come to your side and inflict pain like you have never imagined.”

Joan shifted on the narrow bench to ease the cramp that began to squeeze her left calf, cursing the man she once loved, but now hated so much she frequently planned intricate ways to kill him.

“I shouldn’t have to take this kind of abuse,” she spat out. Her soft brown eyes, usually shining with laughter, now sparked with hatred.

“You need the discipline,” Vince replied, as he repositioned her arms to his satisfaction.

“What the hell was I thinking marrying a fitness trainer?” she muttered, lifting the barbell for the next set of reps.

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