Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Super Mario

Today's muse: I recently finished Super Mario 64.

* * *

Super Mario

He boasts no suit of armour, but wears only his blue overalls, red t-shirt and matching red cap. The chosen one is brave. He, alone, can save the Princess from a fate worse than death.

To rescue her, he must conquer villains who thwart his every effort. He must climb icy mountains, sail across seas of lava, and travel across barren lands of desert.

This task will not be easy. But the gods have granted a boon. Our brave hero will be awarded one gold power star each time he is successful in vanquishing a minion. He is also given the supernatural power of reclaiming his life. This is not to be taken lightly. The giving of life comes with consequences. He will die—many, many, many times. But he will be brought back to life.

He will return and try again, over and over, until he rescues the Princess. For she has promised him a great reward when he is done. And he knows that by risking his life for her, she will reward him beyond his wildest dreams.

When he finally defeats all the villains—at last discovers all the worlds, and, in the end, collects all 120 gold power stars—our brave little hero is rewarded.

With a cake.

Mario has been crushed by rocks, sailed off clouds into oblivion and drowned in molten lava—many times over. And the Princess bakes him a lousy cake.

Well … itsa da tot data counts, no?


lady fairchilde said...

Super Mario = Lloyd Dobbler!(Cameron Crowe needs to come up with a screenplay for this ASAP)

"I gave her my heart; she gave me a cake".

Dan Felstead said...

Monica...great post. My son finished Mario 64 a few years ago and I can still hear that "da tot data"!! It is one of those sounds that you can't get out of your head!


glnroz said...

Seems that a group was once told
"Let them eat cake", so there ya go..lol.. I am tickeled pink that you have returned..glenn

Monica Manning said...

Dan: I keep hearing: Helloooo! It'sa meeee, Maaahreeoh!! And that stupid music!

Wine and Words said...

This reminds me of Textropolis...a word game on my iPhone. You build a city by making words out of the city name. First city held within it's letters 191 words. Husband and I decided we would complete the task, come hell or high water, to see what the reward was. We had to go on the internet, ya know, for help...cuz 191 words out of Amsterdam? Really! Anyway, we waited anxiously after the last word was sent....and received a beep. A BEEP! Are you f*cking kidding me? It took us two days moron. I don't play much anymore.

Marc said...

Ah, Mario.

Did you ever see the breakfast cereal commercials?

I'm... not going to quote it for fear that it would be stuck in my head all night.

Running away now before that can happen...