Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lost in Time

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice

* * *

Lost in Time

Blades of sunlight slashed through the trees; brilliant swords that lit our way as we strolled in the woods behind our house. Though our conversation was rather mundane—work, kids—there was an inexplicable intimacy.

My breath caught when you reached over to brush my hair back; cupped a hand behind my neck and rubbed your thumb along my cheek. My eyes tried to tell you how much I miss you.

I know I can’t see you every day. And I know I won’t see you forever, but I will visit our woods and hope that I see you again.

Until then, I will visit you here. I’ll lay flowers by your stone and tell you I miss you.

Every day.


Wine and Words said...

Very touching. There is no one I miss in this way...yet. Not for lack of death, but lacking depth of attachment. To miss means to have loved well.

Dan Felstead said...

Monica...while reading your beautiful story...I couldn't help but recall the scene at the large tree when Forest Gump was visiting the grave of Jenny. My favorite movie...he had to feel this way as well.


::She Poet:: said...

Girl this is beautiful! I felt a lump rise in my throat when I realized your loved one is in eternal slumber.

GLNROZ said...

This is great.. dont give up your dreams.. thanx for your comments,,please click on my site , glenn

Sarahlah said...

Beautiful image, strong, clear words.