Saturday, October 31, 2009

Death Goes Trick-or-Treating

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice
Prompt: "Your four line poem prompt this week: death goes trick-or-treating."
And Marc was generous enough to allow more lines if we wanted.
Give me an inch, I'll take a mile!

* * *

Death Goes Trick-or-Treating

Five and a half bags of candy,
And even some money, to boot.
I wonder why they were frightened.
I did wear a bunny suit.

What do you mean it's still scary?
How can that possibly fit?
Oh, I see what you mean ...
the scythe doesn't go with it.


Wine and Words said...

Lol. Nice! Hope you had an interesting Halloween. Not my favorite holiday by a long shot. I'm glad it's over and death passed our door....

Monica Manning said...

Wine and Words: I must admit that Halloween is my favorite holiday. I hope your last sentence is a hidden message and that your tests are all positive (and by that, I mean negative!).

Hugs and best wishes. xo

glnroz said...

My girls always thought that Halloween should be a national holiday,, lol,, It is amazing how you take a sucha short simple poem and "whammy" it to the hilt.