Sunday, September 20, 2009

Writer's Block

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice
Prompt for the four line poem this week: the process


I've been on vacation this week. My husband is out of town and I have the entire house to myself. No interruptions, no noise, no expectations.

What a horrible time to get writer's block!!

Sadly, this wee ditty did nothing to break the cycle.

* * *

Writer's Block

Seven days alone to do nothing but write,
yet I stare at the screen; wish with all my might.
A large white square is all I see,
simply mocking, goading, laughing at me.


::She Poet:: said...

We all get it, I am going through the same thing. How awful to get WB when the time is just right. However, your poem is a step forward, to write about writing is a great way to break the block. Enjoy the solitude, maybe a mental rest is what you need. I usually read whenever this happens until Muse returns from the Bahamas.

::She Poet:: said...

PS: Sometimes random things pop in my head such as titles or words, so I just jot them down in my journal or notebook. Often they serve a useful purpose later on as a story or poem, etc. Writing can take on many forms even revising or jotting down thoughts.

Monica Manning said...

Thanks, She Poet. I have thoughts swirling around my head ... I guess I should just write them down and worry about making sense of them later.

glnroz said...

"making sense" is something I think, you have no ability to eliminate from your writing.

Wine and Words said...

I'm with She Poet: I jot blog ideas in my iPhone for just such blankness.