Sunday, September 27, 2009


Today's muse: Pictures, Poetry & Prose

* * *


I was nobody.
Never noticed, never remembered.
Easily forgotten.
Often shrugged aside.

I was beautiful.
Everyone wanted to know me.
Wanted a piece of me.
I was never left alone.

I knew myself.
When I was loved, it was real.
Friendship was true.
Truth was pure.

I am lost.
Nothing is real anymore.
Friends only want to share the light.
I know nothing but lies.

I want what I was before,
not what they made me after.
Take me back to then—
I don’t want it now.


glnroz said...

your words are razor sharp. They slice easily to the subject matter. THey follow, sometimes, in a ghostly haunt. It is truly amazing that you can go from subject to subject with the same precision. subnote: kinda weird,, my code word for post is "drose". I also use the name "grose",, lol

Wine and Words said...

Wow. Monica Manning has a face...a beautiful face!

This post is sitting in my lap, was poking at my heart before you wrote it...eating me from the inside out until I am shell. I want to go back also. But I can't...and the now just grows.

Monica Manning said...

@glnroz: You always managed to inflate my ego. Thanks for that!

@Wine and Words: I think the key is to let go of then and embrace now. It's taken me a long time to figure that out. The thing to remember (and this is what gets me through the day) is that all the things that happened then are what make you now. You're a fabulous writer. Use the crap from your past as muse for your writing. It's like therapy.