Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Dentist ~ two haikus

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice

Two Haiku Tuesday topic this week: at the dentist's office.

* * *

The Dentist

both hands thrust in mouth
plus umpteen tools and gadgets—
and he wants to talk

lecture on brushing,
finger-wag about fillings—
then hand out suckers


Dan Felstead said... wonder you have writers block...I think you spilled everything out in the last week or so. It will take a while to fill up the bank again! I read all of you work over the the last few posts and al are excellent. Each of your pieces are different but they all an edge about them that really sets your work my humble opinion! Keep up the great work...your muse will return after some rest!!!


Wine and Words said...

Damn Friggin' Straight! I hate dentists. You wanna talk to me? Get your implements of torture outta my mouth! Do I want to rinse? No duh!

::She Poet:: said...

Thanks for this. I have to go this year and well, now I'm really not looking forward to this dentalmasochism. I share Dan's sentiments regarding your diversity and imaginative skill.

Dan Felstead said...

Monica...I don't know if you were serious but I wanted to let you know about the "Tomato" post on PPP...It was not from personal experience. Although I share your feelings about our servicemen...I was just trying to write from their perspective. Sometimes when I see a prompt...things pop into my head...other times...nothing???

Also sorry about freaking you out with the spider!

Have a great weekend.