Monday, June 6, 2011

House of Cards

Wands, no longer shelter, but now an unsteady foundation, tremble from the weight above. The Pentacles insist it is not about money, but the Cups and Swords are all reversed and I cannot change the signs.

The Empress stands on her head, her wand dangling from her hand. Her smug look says she knows. Knows I have failed.


The Lovers remain apart. They don’t even attempt to link hands. The Moon, once my friend, now taunts me.

The Fool, blind to it all, brazenly walks off the cliff, beckoning like the pied piper. I yearn to follow him, to plunge into the unknown.

End it all.

Let the house crumble, I say, leave the Sun forever buried. The only card left to play is the Tower. And still, I cannot leap with the others.

Instead, I will let the inferno consume, until there is nothing but ash.


Spook The Scribbler said...

Lovely work! I love the personification you've given the cards here, it's got a gorgeous whimsical and slightly metaphysical feel to it. Good stuff! :D

glnroz said...

hummm,,,just cards, I reckon,,,

jaerose said...

No! Don't bury the sun..feel it on your face too..I know nothing about Tarot..well, until now..reminds me of a story about the constellations that I used to read when I was little..very snappy..pardon the pun! write..Jae :)

Heather said...

Well done as always.

I see you've added a section about a book called Madison's Avenue. Is it going well?

Monica Manning said...

@Spook: But the cards do speak, Spook!

@glnroz: It's never just about cards.

@JaeRose: I think you'd like it Jae. You should look into it. Loved the pun!

@Heather: Thanks, Heather. The book isn't coming along as well as I'd hoped (who has time?!) but I'm wading through it. I'm also thinking of expanding on Madison's story.

Jeanne said...

"Let the inferno consume, till there is nothing but ash."

This whole piece has a beautiful rhythm to it.