Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Today's muse: The One Minute Writer

Today's prompt: Overused.

* * *


He never told her.

“It’s cliché,” he said. “Everyone says it, but do they really mean it?”

“You would have meant it,” she murmured. The hollow thud of dirt on mahogany echoed throughout the cemetery.

“And I would have believed you. If only you’d said it. Just once.”


Wine and Words said...

Hmmmmm. It is cliche. Well, I love you is. Love has almost lost it's meaning. I love my iPhone. I love Pizza. I love you. Uh huh. And so to find new ways to express it. To never stop.

glnroz said...

I nod,,,

Spook The Scribbler said...

If you ask me, the phrase "I love you" itself is cliche, but as long as the meaning behind it is true, you could say anything. You could scream "DISHWASHER!" at someone, and with the appropriate feeling it would mean more than if you'd used the right words.

I wouldn't actually recommend shouting dishwasher though ... it gets you some funny looks ...

Deborah said...

Cliche or not, important words for someone to hear, short and powerful.

glnroz said...

I wanna know about Madison's Avenue

Monica Manning said...

@glnroz: Yeah. You and everyone else. Including me! I've been a little stuck for a while, but I seem to finding my groove again.