Friday, May 6, 2011


Today's muse: Sunday Scribblings

This week's prompt: Cake

* * *


Moist and sinfully rich, he cannot deny the greedy pleasure of consuming the heavenly sweetness. It’s not a matter of merely wanting—it is an all-consuming need that he cannot conquer. A raspy moan rolls out as his tongue emerges for the first taste; a tentative flick, like a question.

He wants to take his time, enjoy the flavour, savour the moment, but his hunger overrides all pretence at delicacy. He plunges to devour the salty syrup, crazed with the need to possess, to have and eat.

Panting, heart racing, he waits a few moments, then dips down to feast again.


Spook The Scribbler said...

As it's my birthday today, and I intend to eat my bodyweight in cake later, I find this prompt most tempting .... nom nom nom!

Nice work! :D

glnroz said...

,,,that might be the "icing" on the cake,,,

Monica Manning said...

@Spook: All sweets are calorie-free on your birthday. Happy Birthday!!!

@glnroz: Man can't live on cake alone...

Deborah said...

Brilliantly written ... I'm almost dribbling myself!

Wine and Words said...

Makes me almost want to eat cake, but I just don't like it. Now, give me a cookies and I'm in heaven. In fact, just give me the dough.

Dave King said...

Makes me wonder who he be!

Monica Manning said...

@Deborah: I was dribbling, too!

@W&W: I never got into the cookie dough thing. But somehow, cookie dough ice cream always makes it into my freezer.

@Dave King: Me too!