Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today's muse: One Word
Today's word: Help

* * *


“Hepp,” he says as he taps his left foot on the floor, his arms spread out like a giant T for balance. I look down and see Matthew’s undone shoelace laying limp on his tiny sneaker.

“Hepp!” he says again, this time with much more authority, impatient to get on with whatever important two-year-old task he has abandoned. I bite my lip to hide my smile and bend down to tie up the rogue lace.

“We need to work on your pronunciation,” I say, as he places a hand on each side of my head to steady himself.

When I finish tying his shoe, he presses a firm kiss on my cheek and whispers “yub yoo” then dashes off, no longer worried about tripping.


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nimaruichi said...

Nice take on 'Help'; you have given it a cuteness that one normally doesn't associate with the word.
As for 'yub yoo', if only more of us said this more often.... :)