Friday, September 24, 2010


Today's muse: The One-Minute Writer
Prompt: Write a brief bit of fiction using the prompt, "Dinosaur."

* * *


Heavy breathing brushes the back of my neck and the tiny hairs stand upright in a fight or flight stance. A low growl rumbles from the terrifying creature behind me, but I don’t turn around. I tremble in fear; make squeaking noises, too frightened to scream.

The growling becomes louder and I know he will pounce at any moment. I must attack before he does, so I dig deep for courage, whirl around and throw my arms around his torso.

Four-year-old Nathan squeals in delight and we roll on the kitchen floor while Nathan growls through his giggles and I plead for my life through mine.


Spook The Scribbler said...

Oh cuteness! I love it, it sounds just like what my brother and I do. Sweet!

glnroz said...

reminds me of the "Teddy Bear"..

Heather said...

If imaginary and memory can play together, I know of an island we can meet on. They have great coconut drinks!

Loved your entry. Very smooth!

nimaruichi said...

Nice twist; loved the playfulness.