Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Teach Me

Today's muse: No specific muse today...

* * *

Teach Me

Teach me little one.
Take my hand and
show me how to
laugh and play.

Teach me to be royalty.
To dine like a princess—
eat imaginary fancy treats and
sip invisible tea from
chipped plastic cups.

Teach me your ways.
I want to learn
how to ride a dragon,
catch fairies in my palm,
and know that when I wish…
the stars will listen.

Teach me to remember.
I have forgotten how to
see with my heart and
listen with my soul.
I have let myself
grow up.


Dani said...

This is so beautiful!!! I love it! Great writing! And you know what, it reminds me of my giveaway. The item that I'm giving away is very dreamy like this - could be for the little girl you're writing to. :) You'll have to come check it out! http://danisdailydrop.blogspot.com/2009/11/friendly-friday-beautiful-giveaway.html

GREAT POEM - I adore it!

Wine and Words said...

If only we could somehow be two ends of the same candle...but it really isn't possible. Most times I think stars dim with the cloak of responsibility, which gathers cloth as we age. But the sun shines brighter, gathering brilliance until the burst before we go. I do wish I could have it all though.

glnroz said...

ohh myy,, don't grow up, Ms Monica,, great post

Tin Kettle Inn said...

I have something for you on my blog. Check it out.