Friday, November 27, 2009

Suit and Tie

I'm on vacation this week, but have post-dated some pieces.
Hope you enjoy them.

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice

When I saw this prompt, I knew immediately what I wanted to write. It seemed even more appropriate that I post-dated it for this date, as we'll be leaving Mexico today and going home.

* * *

Suit and Tie

The charcoal gray suit was not something he wore often. In fact, he had worn it only twice before—when he married Fae, his beloved wife of 42 years and when his daughter wed the Jamieson boy.

Always clad in faded jeans and a flannel shirt, Bill Hitchings was admired and respected in his community. A successful farmer, he was always willing to help his neighbour, wanting nothing more in return than heartfelt thanks. Although he had passed the reins on to his capable daughter, he still insisted on tending the animals, not able to let go of what he loved. But as Bill always said, you can’t stop time and you can’t stop nature.

And now he looked awkward in his charcoal gray suit that Fae had insisted he wear. She heard murmurs that Bill would have looked more comfortable in his work clothes. She only smiled. Some occasions simply don’t call for jeans and plaid. And this was one of them.

After all, Bill was going home.


glnroz said...

Thnx, this was just right. My Dad, he went home in his favorite Kakais and brown plaid shirt (with a mended torn place) and his baseball cap. He would have been ok with a suit, but that didn't "suit" us. :) thnx

Marc said...

Have a safe trip home, and I hope you had a wonderful time :)

Monica Manning said...

glnroz: What a wonderful story to share. I worked in funeral service for 12 years and am married to an undertaker. I am always moved by families who poo-poo tradition and stay true to their spirit. I love the fact that your Dad was sent home in a mended faded plaid shirt. God bless him!