Monday, November 30, 2009

From Up Here

Today's muse: The view from the airplane as we flew over Puerto Vallarta.

* * *

From Up Here

Almost black, the mountains have the appearance of chocolate cake sprinkled liberally with Oreo crumbs. Dark points peak through white candy floss clouds—a delicious dessert for the starved traveler.

Perception shifts as we descend. The mountains become more green; an artistically layered blanket, pilled with years of use, intricately arranged into peaks and hollows.

Closer to earth, steel-roofed buildings wink in the sun—pockets of civilization glinting like gold nuggets in the morning light.

A haven that feeds my starving soul, comforts my weary spirit and sparkles with life.

Welcome to Mexico.


Sarahlah said...

Really nice imagery. Felt like I was sitting in your place.

Wine and Words said...

Well, I am a big fan of those chocolate mountains with oreo crumbs :)