Thursday, July 30, 2009

That Damn Fridge

Today's muse: Protagonize

* * *

That Damn Fridge

It mocks me
A sentry in the kitchen
Its brilliant whiteness glittering fiercely
Taunting me with its mouth-watering sins

Be gone with you!
Oh, vixen of pastries
Temptress of sweets
Harlot of calories

You seductively call my name
Like a lover’s caress
Luring me closer
Until I succumb

I am your slave!


~She Poet~ said...

LoL! I wish I could favorite this on Blogger. I've never encountered a poetic love affair such as this.

"Be gone with you!
Oh, vixen of pastries
Temptress of sweets
Harlot of calories"

Love this! A very creative word play!

Tin Kettle Inn said...

I also love the above lines. You have such a humorous and witty flare that I admire. I love witty writing, especially poetry. it takes great talent to be funny.

Monica Manning said...

I had a lot of fun writing this poem. I've mentioned on other blogs that I've been having nightmares and it's affected my writing. I think it also has something to do with the pen name. When I put on my Monica hat (or perhaps it's a jaunty bonnet) I assume a different persona and my writing becomes quite dark. I'm hoping the last couple of posts have broken the cycle!

My thanks to everyone who is following. I really appreciate your comments!

Wine and Words said...

"Mouth watering sins" aptly put. I can relate, hence the big ga-dunka dunk I sit on as I write this....

septembermom said...

This is a fun one! Love the Harlot of Calories line! So true :)

Tin Kettle Inn said...

i hope to read everything on your blog one of these days.

glnroz said...

How do you do it? If I didn't have control, I would be jealous,, lol,, funtime!!