Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today's muse: Pictures, Poetry & Prose

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Like a starving parasite, the shame gnawed away at him, gorged on his secret. No longer able to face those prying eyes—the ones that judged and tormented him—he followed the river’s song, melodious notes that promised peace and forgiveness.

Especially forgiveness.

At the water’s edge, he fell to his knees and begged an unknown deity to show mercy. The only response was the river crooning his name. Gentle ripples beckoned, pulled him forward. In a trance, he rose to his feet and waded into the water, each hesitant step taking him deeper into the murky channel.

He was not surprised by the feathery touch against his leg. He knew they were there, waiting for him.

The pressure increased, wrapped around his ankles, moved with lightening speed up his legs. This was deserved, he told himself, fighting the urge to bolt. God help him if his punishment was equal to that which he once delivered with such delight.

Without warning, he was snatched beneath the surface, arms and legs bound. His body bucked as he fought for oxygen. Water plumed from the river in great crests as he thrashed against the invisible bindings. The black water suffocated, crushed him, stole every last breath from his lungs, until there was nothing but mist.

On the shore, the children stood unmoved and watched as the last ripple faded away with their stolen innocence.


Dan Felstead said...

Monica...congrats on your PPP win. WOW...this is really descriptive and intense! Great writing.


Monica Manning said...

Thanks, Dan. I've had a lifetime of vivid and disturbing nightmares. Makes for some pretty good fodder.

~She Poet~ said...

What imagery and mystery! From the very 1st paragraph the reader is roped in with a powerful entry. It is an intense write, leaves alot to the imagination regarding what was the secret that was so shameful he had to commit suicide right in front of his children. The very last line was truly chilling.

~She Poet~ said...

Btw, congrats on the win! Well deserved.