Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Day

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New Day

When the sun sets and the moon is high, nightmares creep into my bedroom and drag me into the undertow, hold me down as I claw for air.

Each new day dawns, tangled in the threads of my dreamcatcher, childhood memories fading in the morning sun.


oldegg said...

Despite the childhood nightmares you seem to have been able to cope with them visiting you.

jaerose said...

Breath-taking Monica..your brevity takes us down to that dark place..beautifully..Jae

Jeanne said...

Great description of how nightmares can have a sticky hold on us between the dusk and the dawn.

Nita Jo said...

I've been there. Those childhood memories can haunt the night. Love how well you express those feelings.

Charley R said...

... Have you been reading my mind? Because that's exactly what happens to me on the occasional night now and again *shudders* Enough dreams about childhood terrors already!

Very poetic little piece - the poet in me approves highly.

Andy said...

You penned this very well.
Thanks for sharing.

A Poet's Immortal thoughts

Monica Manning said...

@oldegg: The past is what made me what I am today. I wouldn't change a thing.

@jaerose: I knew you'd understand.

@Jeanne: That grey area is so scary.

@Nita Jo: I keep searching for the balm. If I find it, I'll tell you the secret.

@Charley R: Thanks! Let's hope we see the end soon.

@Andy: Thanks!

Mary said...

I seldom get nightmares, but have in the past. The ones I've had STICK with me; and I can replay them on demand....and they still scare me.