Sunday, October 16, 2011

You are here

Today's muse: Sunday Scribblings

Today's prompt: #289 You are here

* * *

You are here

It’s annoying when you state the obvious. I don’t need you to tell me where I am; I am well aware of my location. I am neck deep in this quicksand and at any moment it will pull me under, destroy the bit of spirit I have left.

What I need is help out of this stinking hell hole, and a little guidance. Don’t tell me I’m here. What I need is for you tell me how get there, help me get away from all of this.


Rinkly Rimes said...

Oh dear! You'll never be anywhere else but 'here'. You'll just have to transform it!

Spook said...

Lost? I'm not lost, I know exactly where I am! .... I'm right here.

Thank you Captain Obvious.

Great work - I totally feel this way sometimes. I think most of us probably do. At least we're not snails eh? That would just take it to a whole new level of "literal" and "sucktastic".

Norena said...

Haha, I liked this :) So true. Sometimes some around us just take to stating the obvious too much!

keith hillman said...

I know that feeling only too well!

jaerose said...

If it's quick sand don't struggle..use your might and wit to tunnel out..Jae ;)

Morning said...


well put.

glnroz said...