Friday, April 22, 2011

As Fate Would Have It

As Fate Would Have It

Silver glided across the lawn, trees undulated in a soft breeze. In the pale light of the waning moon, she beckoned the Crone. Skyclad, she wore no makeup, no jewellery; only the pentagram tattooed above her left buttock.

She considered performing this ritual last week, but chose to call on the Mother’s energy instead. Asking for anything during a full moon was asking for trouble, as far as she was concerned. Rather than feeling invigorated (as she normally did, when she drew down the moon) she was left with a yearning need—a sexual craving—she couldn’t expel.

It was time to be rid of it.

Without a formal ritual prepared, she relied on her heart, opened it up, pleaded with Hecate to hear her.

“I don’t ask for what I don’t deserve,” she said. “I leave it to you to decide what should be done. I only ask for guidance and strength.”

Hair spilled down her bare back like a raven waterfall as she bowed back, tipped her head to the sky, spread her arms in submission. Afraid to acknowledge what she truly wanted, what she desired most—what might make her happy—she left it to the Fates to rule. She pushed her soul out to the Universe, bared it for the Goddess. The questions she was afraid to have answered, the intense desire she couldn’t control, the lust that raged like a balefire. It all pulsed from her, rolled out in waves.

Twined with it all was her wish. A craving she didn’t understand; desire that filled her, made her lifeblood pound through her, woke her in the night.

She closed her circle, released her spiritual guides with thanks. Her voice wavered as she chanted the words she’d said so many times before. Tears threatened, but she fought them back. This was different. She wasn’t in control this time. Was she ever?

“As…you will, so mote it be.”

She didn’t know what made her say it, to relinquish her will, but it was done.

In the silvered yard, she hung her head in shame, wrapped her arms around her bare breasts. She didn’t know what the outcome would be. She only hoped it would be right.


Wine and Words said...

"She pushed her soul out to the Universe..."

Oh yes. And I watch, and wonder...

Deborah said...

Wow ... brilliantly written!

glnroz said...

You are, and will be right,,,

Monica Manning said...

@W&W: I'm a firm believer in the power of the Universe.

@Deborah: Thanks!

@glnroz: Being right isn't always a good thing.