Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Originals

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice

* * *

The Originals

Cloudless, pure as water, the azure sky is so beautiful, I find it difficult to draw breath beyond my heart which has, somehow, relocated to my throat. Or perhaps that is my soul.

“How can anyone look at that and not believe in some form of über being?”

Beside me, my lover nods. “I know.”

“I mean, it doesn’t have to be god. It can be whatever you choose to believe in.”

Adam turns his whiskey-coloured eyes to mine.

“You think there’s someone else, other than god?”

I shrug. “Who knows, right? There could be. It’s not like we’ve really seen him, you know. We just keep hearing his voice.”

Adam ponders this a moment, his guilty eyes darting upwards to the clear sky.

“I don’t know, Eve. I mean, if you don’t believe in god…”

“I’m not saying I don’t believe in god. I’m just saying that not everyone has to believe in THE god. What if we’re wrong? We could be wrong, you know. There could be someone else who’s really god and we’re being tricked.”

I have an epiphany and role over on my side to face Adam, my head propped on my hand.

“Or maybe, just maybe, there’s a whole bunch of them, all hanging out up there…” I jerk my thumb to the sky…“and it’s like some huge corporation with a president and a bunch of vice-presidents and some office managers.”

Adam squints at me. I know he thinks I’m crazy, but what if I’m right?

“Well…” Adam draws out the word as he ponders my theory. “If—and I’m not saying I agree—but if that voice we keep hearing isn’t god, then who is it?”

I shrug, fall back on my back, let the sun caress my naked skin.

“I don’t know, Adam.”

Then, from high above us, we hear it. The Voice.


We look up, squinting against the sun that sparkles through the leaves.

Since I can remember, I have heard The Voice. Its ethereal timber is soothing. The Voice talks to me, guides me, asks me to follow. I have unwavering faith as to its owner. I know only god can give me such peace.

“It’s him,” Adam whispers.

“I know it’s him,” I hiss back.


Adam arches an eyebrow at me. I return a subtle nod. Adam clears his throat.


The Voice responds: “Have you guys tried this fruit?”


glnroz said...

i hope this wasn't meant to be serious,, i got a big ole giggle here,,,

Monica Manning said...

Geez, glnroz! Are you sitting by your computer waiting? I JUST posted it and your comment popped up. LOL! And that was definitely tongue in cheek.

glnroz said...

yep, i always check my Dashboard right before shuttin off computer to leave office, and boom, there ya were,,, didn't you reead my post a day or so ago? ("Fix"),, lol

Marc said...

That was great :)

I liked the corporation idea. Well, no, it's rather terrifying actually, but you know what I mean :P

Spook The Scribbler said...

Dude, I love it! I'm Christian and all, but this is just ... the idea of the corporation "hanging out" just made my day xD

Deborah said...

I LOVED it ... you're just too good at this writing lark! LOL

Lisa Ricard Claro said...

What an awesome story! I got a surprise AND a laugh. Well done!

Fireblossom said...

Once again, you're the trickster! I never saw that coming. SSSSSSneaky. ;-)

Monica Manning said...

@Marc: I know exactly what you mean. I spend far too much time wondering what the other side is like.

@Spook: In our last year of high school, our relgion class was dedicated to the study of different religions. It was my favourite year and I learned so much. I find religion fascinating and disappointing at the same time.

@Deborah: As are you you, Deborah!

@Lisa: I like to keep my readers on their toes. Glad you enjoyed it!

@Fireblossom: Just trying to keep up with all the other awesome writers in the bloggersphere!