Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blind Judgement

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Today's Words: judge, nightfall, safety

* * *

Blind Judgement

Through the picture window behind her, the crimson burst of nightfall glowed like a halo; a mythic contrast to the vixen before him.

Head held high, raven curls cascading down her back, she challenged him with her stare. Legs apart, a hand cocked on her leather-clad hip, she flicked her tongue across ruby lips and snapped the whip. The gunshot crack had him hard in an instant.

He couldn't judge, at that moment, whether he’d actually use the safety word.


Spook The Scribbler said...

Oooh, sexeh ;)

Very nicely done!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Loved the last line, especially

My 3ww is here.

LeiffyV said...

Oh my... Wasn't expecting this in the slightest but a great way of using the prompt! You have quite a way with words! Thanks for sharing, I might need another shower heh

Amity said...

hmmm, couldn't say more..short but powerful play of words...:-)

jaerose said...

What an assured post - crisp as a tart crust! Jae :)