Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Buttered Popcorn

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Today's words: abrupt, kernel, wield

* * *

Buttered Popcorn

Silence, abrupt and final, shrouds the tiny apartment as the last seed explodes. Lured by the bewitching aroma, Brenda wanders into the galley kitchen to find Evan (or did he say it was Ethan?) standing at the counter, wearing nothing but an imitation Rolex.

He pours the tiny cloud puffs into a clear bowl, snatches the few that scamper away. Brenda sneaks up behind him, presses against his back, trails her tongue across the eagle tattoo on his left shoulder. He murmurs his assent as she reaches around, delighted to find him ready. He presses a popped kernel into her mouth, muttering incoherent promises.

His prowess doesn’t quite have the effect he expected. Brenda wields the heavy corn popper high in the air and brings it down in a lethal blow.

“I said no butter.”


ThomG said...

Wickedly delicious stuff here. Loved how this carried through, her coolness, the slight erotica and the twist. Don't forget to put the link on Mr. Linky, too.

glnroz said...

some people just don't listen, do they?,,

Monica Manning said...

@ThomG: You should have read it before it was edited! I made myself blush.

@glnroz: They just don't, do they? There's probably a quip about 'just desserts' there, but it escapes me.

Spook The Scribbler said...

Nice work! I thought things were gonna get *ahem* steamy, but that twist was good!