Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hush Now Child

Today's muse: One Minute Writer

Prompt: Describe the most beautiful sound you've ever heard.

* * *

Hush Now Child

My pace slows and I come to a stop. I stand on my toes to see above the grass that sways in the breeze. The blades brush against one another making a sound much like a mother hushing a frightened child. It soothes me and I continue walking, my eyes scanning the horizon.

Then I see them—the tops, at least. As I crest the hill, they come in full view and I realize how enormous they really are. And more than a little intimidating.

They swing open as a deep melodic voice greets me.

“Welcome back.”


Heather said...

I saw your post on one minute writer when I was adding mine and wanted to leave you a message. (Also found your site through swap-bot even though I am not a 'partner'. badk1ty)

You write beautifully. I've read through some of your older posts. This one however, I can't figure out what you see when you crest the hill.

Monica Manning said...

Heather: It's what I imagine the Pearly Gates will be like. I wanted to leave it vague, but perhaps it was a little too vague.

Heather said...

That thought did creep into my mind, but as I have a very different view, it wandered off pretty quickly. Still well done.

glnroz said...

I can't wait to see what next liddle twist you leave, each time you post.. thanx

Coppertop said...

I like this. I can imagine myself there.