Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today's muse: The One-Minute Writer

The Prompt: Complete this thought: "I wish I'd paid more attention when..."

* * *


I wish I'd paid more attention
when the gods whispered in my ear
and explained my reason for being,
why they left me here.

Is it to help the homeless man
I see on the corner each day,
who holds his cardboard sign up,
and blesses me on my way?

Is it to lift the others
who have lived a life like mine,
to make them strong to face the day,
and leave abuse behind?

Is it to raise my children
and watch them as they grow,
to be loving, kind and fair,
and have children of their own?

Or is my lifelong mission,
the reason I am here,
to know that You are with me,
that You are always near?


Heather said...

Ahhhh..... poetry. A talent for writing I have none of.Beautiful poem. It is moving without being overwhelming.

From swap-bot. Thanks for checking out my blog earlier.

summerfield said...

kid, i assure you that one day, you WILL be playing with the big kids. you're a natural.