Monday, February 1, 2010

Morning Commute

Today's muse: A spectacular sunrise greeted me this morning.

* * *

Morning Commute

Trees, houses and factories whisk by as the train speeds across the tracks—a harsh reminder that life passes by at a dizzying pace. My anxiety level increases exponentially as the distance between home and work shrivels.

The world closes in, presses against the windows. It is suffocating. A blur of trees and dishevelled backyards passes by, then—without warning—the world opens up. For just a moment, it is as though the veil that covered my eyes has been snatched away and a great surprise is revealed.

The vast expanse of Lake Ontario stretches before me. It is a tiny window of opportunity to cleanse my soul, but I take it. Claw greedily at the peace it offers, before it disappears behind graffiti-covered reinforcement walls.

Each morning is different; a barometer of mood. Not mine. Theirs.

Some days, the wind churns the dark water, whipping it into a frenzy as the geese bob up and down on roller coaster waves. Others, clear glass mirrors the sky above; a delicate balance between this world and the next.

As the train bullets through the commuter corridor, I take a moment to regroup. I lay down my book and gaze out the window at the greeting the gods bestow on me this morning. My heart beat steadies, the weight on my shoulders dissolves. Tranquility washes over me, infuses every pore.

Moments before the window closes, I take a cleansing breath and send my thanks, ready to face a new day.


glnroz said...

..passes by at a dizzing pace." That description, even at that, is in slow motion..."stuff" all you can stuff into your traveling bag. You have a unique ticket.

Monica Manning said...

It really is a beautiful scene, glnroz. This morning's sunrise was particularly beautiful--breathtaking.

Wine and Words said...

I feel the city. Finally a field full of cows, a vinyard...and I can breathe again. I visited New York once. Could not wait for every opportunity to do to Central Park. Finally something green! What the hell is this preoccupation with cement. High rises! Nonsense. I am so claustrophobic without something green!