Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice

* * *


He drew the arrow back, pulled it taut and gazed through the site. He shifted, adjusted for the wind and let the string go, sending the pointed missile flying.

Carole glanced up. Saw something bullet through the air. It appeared to be aimed right at her.

“What the...?” She squinted, cocked her head to one side. “Is that...?”

Her eyes widened as she realized what it was.

“Oh no you don’t!” And she dove into the bushes.

Carole crawled out, pulling twigs and leaves from her hair. She gaped at the arrow that now quivered in the ground in the exact place she had stood moments before. She glanced up at the sky.

A plump cherub shook his fist at her, his blonde curls bouncing about his round face. Carole yanked the arrow from the ground and waved it at him.

“Nice try buddy.”


glnroz said...

determined? In which direction? lol. I dont think I have ever read from that point of view. It does seem "fractured" (cupid events) at times, don't it? original.....

Wine and Words said...

Ducking from love, only to wind up with a hairdo of dirt. I remember a wedding...being told the bride was going to throw the bouquet in my direction...be ready, be ready. I held my hands firmly at my sides and let it drop...disregarded at my feet.

jason evans said...

Ha! I liked that!!

Nice dodge. :)