Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dialogue Seminar (Part 1)

Today's muse:
I attended a workshop on Saturday given by Ruth E. Walker

The seminar was called Your Character's Voice: Effective Dialogue in Fiction and Memoir. One of our assignments was to take a (boring) dialogue and create a story.

This was the boring dialogue:

"Hi there."
"So, what are you doing?"
"I am planning to make a difference in the world."
"Yes really."
"Do you need any help?"
"Maybe in a while. I'll be sure to ask."
"Okay. See you later."
"Yes. See you later."

Boring, right?

To add to the mix, we had to select two pictures
for our characters.
I chose a young girl and an older woman
plus a blind selection of two emotions.
I got disgust and horror

This was my piece.
(bear in mind that we had 15 minutes to write this and it is unedited.)

* * *


"Hi there." Gail approached the young girl, cautious of alarming her.

"Hello." Her dark pig tails hung down, obscuring her face. She made no move to look up, but continued to play with the decorated stones.

"So...what are you doing?" The question was asked, but Gail was unsure if she wanted to know the answer. The child looked up and met her gaze, her saucer-like eyes stared right through her. The brown orbs faded to yellow and flashed with a demonic glow.

"I am planning to make a difference in the world," the young girl snapped, slicing her hand through the air.

Gail swallowed the ball of fear that filled her throat. "Really," she stuttered.

"Yes. Really." The young head looked down, continued to re-arrange the runes.

"Do you need any help?" What the hell was she doing? Of course she doesn't need help! She's a Slewdan. They carry powers no human can understand.

"Maybe in a while. I'll be sure to ask."

Gail immediately regretted her offer. The child looked up and waved her hand, dismissing Gail.

"Okay. See you later." And Gail walked as fast as she could without running. She had to tell someone what this child was planning, had to get everyone to safety.

Alone, the child gazed after the human. "Yes," she whispered, "see you later."

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