Sunday, December 27, 2009


Today's muse: Sunday Scribblings

* * *


Her auburn curls whirled around her freckled cheeks, teased by the breeze, as she stepped off the school bus. Adjusting her backpack over her right shoulder, she glanced around, searching. He knew she was looking for her friends, but he couldn’t deny that he hoped she was looking for him. Several deep conversations over tuna sandwiches in the cafeteria discussing school gossip surely must mean something.

Her eyes danced from face to face, then came to rest on his. His heart raced as his dark eyes locked with those enormous blue orbs. Her cheeks pinked and she glanced down, then looked back up at him, gave him a shy smile. He grinned back.

She made her way toward him, wading through the crowd. He waited, shifting his weight from one foot to the other, wondering if he looked cooler standing more on his left leg. He tried standing with one hand in his pocket, then out, finally opting to hold his books with both hands.

She stood in front of him, peering up through her thick lashes. She wore a light dusting of pale blue eye shadow today. Yesterday, it was brown.

“Hi.” She caught her bottom lip between her teeth; what he now recognized as a nervous habit.


The bell rang its five minute warning.

She shrugged. “I should get to class.” He nodded.

She stood up on her toes and pressed a quick kiss on his lips. “Bye!” And she was gone, swallowed by the swarm of students on their way to home room.

He ran his tongue across his top lip and tasted her cherry lip gloss. Delicious!


Catherine Denton said...

The tension stretched just enough to make me nervous for him. So I was relieved when he got what he wanted. The cherry lip gloss was a fun touch. Great story.

oldegg said...

Been there, hoping. Just got a laugh instead as though she could read my mind. She probably could.

A great tease, excellent read.

glnroz said...

Once again,, Whamoooo,, lol

jaerose said...

A delicious slice of first tastes! Made cherry lipgloss come back to life reminiscent..Jae

Anonymous said...

First love! You descibed the emotions so well. A lovely piece.

Lilibeth said...

ah...delicious in more ways than one.

Dee Martin said...

reminder of days long ago - remembered eyes meeting in the hallway, giggling nervously, hopeful, terrified, awesome!

J Cosmo Newbery said...