Thursday, May 10, 2018

Learning to Fly

Today's muse: Daily Writing Practice

Today's Prompt: Learning to fly.
(okay, actually it's an old prompt from April 30)

* * *

Learning to Fly

I didn’t ask for this. I mean, seriously, if someone had told me this would happen, I would have tapped out; walked away before I was shoved out on my ass. Hell! Not on my ass at all…free-fucking-falling, man!

All was good. I’m there with my brother and sister and we’re having lunch. Okay, we were making a lot of noise but we were always screaming and carrying on. We’re kids! It’s what we do. Mom never complained. She always fed us when we got loud. So, of course we’re gonna scream until we’re fed.

She always looked after us. Kept us warm, fed us, kept us clean. Protected us. I’m tellin’ ya, there was no warning at all that she was gonna go postal. I mean, she could have talked to us, told us she wasn’t happy with our behavior, maybe have a discussion about rules.

No! Instead, she just shoves us out of the nest without any warning and tells us to wave our wings and fly.

Are you fucking kidding me?! Shouldn’t there be a lesson of some sort? Maybe a discussion on the theory of flying?

I won’t lie. It was scary for a moment. The ground was coming at me pretty damned fast and I thought it was all going to end right then. But after some frantic flapping, I got it together and managed to fly. And I have to admit that it was pretty damned cool.

But as soon as I get back to the nest, I’m packing my shit and leaving. The woman is fucking psycho!

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