Monday, January 15, 2018

Eyes Closed

Today's muse: Verse Escape: Friday 55

* * *

Eyes Closed

Eyes closed to hide sorrow or, perhaps, to withdraw from harsh reality.

No matter.

Either way, peace at last. Away from intrusive questions, awkward gazes. Pitiful murmurs.

The light is not so bright here. Rather, it surrounds in a candlelight glow, a warm embrace.

The gentle rocking soothes and comforts, wraps me in eternal sleep.


hedgewitch said...

The poem itself soothes. I hope you will include this in next week's 55, Monique(or write another.)

Monica Manning said...

Thank you, Joy. Hopefully, I'll write something else for Friday. Thanks, again, for resurrecting Friday 55. )O(