Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Tall Tales

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Todays words: dappled, elaborate, filthy

* * *

Tall Tales

Most days she could stand in the backyard and let the sun wash over her, burn away the shame. Once, she could throw back her head, spread her arms to the sky and ask for forgiveness. Even receive it.

No more. Filthy girl.

She hid beneath the large oak, rubbed at the dark finger marks that peppered her arms and legs. The aching had not yet started, but she knew it would come.

She deserved it. Filthy girl.

She could hear Mama calling for her, promising it was safe. Olly, olly oxen free! She should run, dance toward the soft voice, touch home and be safe. But she couldn’t move. Couldn’t breathe.

Keep quiet. Filthy girl.

She would stay curled in the dapple shade of the oak tree and devise an elaborate story. A tale that would explain everything. One that she would tell for years. One that everyone would believe.

Even herself.


Jae Rose said...

So very good to read your work again Monica - a powerful piece..and that refrain.. i think there are a lot of girls under the dappled apple tree making a story in which they can (hopefully) feel safe.. i wouldn't have gone back in that house either.. hoping you are well and very best wishes for the new year

Monica Manning said...

Thank you, Jae Rose. I am letting the feeble light find me. I hope it finds you, as well. Always good to hear from you (and read your beautiful work). All the best to you in the next year.

J Cosmo Newbery said...

Ouch! It should not be. Well written.

Jae Rose said...

Thanks Monica - and your work and light is never feeble