Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Wing Man

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Today's Words: absorbed, deeply, frantic

* * *

Wing Man

“Do you see that woman? Next to the newspaper stand?” Frank points with his chin across the street.

Gerald nods. Of course he sees her. Who wouldn’t? Legs that seem to stretch up to her throat, tits that beg to be cupped by his hands.

Absorbed in his fantasy, he imagines brushing his thumbs across hard nipples, her head dropping back on a moan. “You think she’s the one?”

He tilts his head, tries to picture her in something other than the yoga pants, snug tee and worn runners. She’d look good in a halter dress and heels.

Frank folds his arms across his chest. “She’s an accountant. Works at one of the top firms.”

Gerald does not question how his friend knows this. Frank is a god when it comes to picking out women. It’s why he asked him to be his Wing Man. After all, when you’re looking for your next mark, you don’t want to waste a lot of time. Get it done and done fast.

Gerald watches her trot in place as she waits for the light. It’s not just about looks—though she has it in spades—it’s about personality and a willingness to…shall we say…play along. And Frank is gifted when it comes to pinpointing this important trait.

Gerald watches his next conquest jog across the street, zigzagging through pedestrian traffic. She makes eye contact when she passes them. Her full lips curve up in greeting as she continues on her run.

Oh, yeah, he thinks, she’s the one.

“You think she’ll be into it?”

Frank snorts out a laugh. “Come on, man. How long have we been doing this?”

“Two years, five months, two days and…” Gerald glances at his watch. ”Eleven hours.”

“You are deeply disturbed, my friend.” Frank shakes his head at Gerald’s laugh. “You scare me sometimes.”

Gerald ignores the frantic pounding of his heart, slips his hand into his pocket, fingers the cold steel of the knife. His cock twitches as his thumb rides along the blade.

“Just imagine how frightened she will be.”


Sheilagh Lee said...

what a disturbing story. well done

Monica Manning said...

Thanks, Sheilagh Lee. I worry that my therapist will read my writing one day.

Roslyn Ross said...

Gritty stuff. Well done.

Jae Rose said...

They are both a little scary....but finely executed as ever (ps therapists don't 'get' writing so i think you're safe ;)