Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Today's words: annoyed, hushed, pain

* * *


He had that annoyed look that said he had a bad day at work. He always had that look.

Momma fussed over him, made him a drink, cooked his favourite dinner and laughed when he told his stupid jokes. Me, I sat real quiet at the table and didn’t say nothing. I did my homework real fast and went to bed early.

That’s when they started yelling. It got louder and louder and I tried to pull the covers over my ears, but I could still hear them. Momma begged him to stop. She was crying and I wanted to help her but she told me so many times never to come out of my room if they were fighting. She said it was for my own good.

So I waited for a long time. And then it got all hushed.

I stood by my bedroom door and waited until I heard the front door slam. I ran down the hall to the living room and Momma was lying on the floor. Only this time, she didn’t move.

Now I’m living with a new family. And I have this pain in my stomach that won’t go away.


Roslyn Ross said...

Clever use of the words.

Jae Rose said...

'They fuck you up your mum and dad' to quote Philip Larkin...except sometimes i think they mean to..and that ache in the stomach..does it every really go away even if they usual your subtle, insightful writing brings out the force in this story

glnroz said...

ms Nanning, once again,,,dang

Keith's ramblings said...

Powerful stuff and a great use of the words. Excellent.