Thursday, February 12, 2015

Vile Bile

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Today's words: devious / frown / venomous

I have a horrible cold. It is consuming me. So, why not write about it.

* * *

Vile Bile

I should have paid attention to the warning, but I chose to ignore the light tickle at the back of my throat. Now, venomous bile has meandered down my throat and lodged itself in my lungs.

My cough is wet and thick; my chest threatens to implode with every bark.

There are forty-two razor blades lodged in my throat. I frown in silence each time I swallow; moaning, I discovered, makes it worse.

My only solace is that I have managed to share this devious virus with my husband.

I shall not die alone.


Jae Rose said...

Well firstly I hope the vile bile passes soon - but mostly how wonderfully your words strike and bite...very good to read them...get well seems kind of lame as a comment but am going to say it anyway!

glnroz said...

hope you get to feeling better and him too...