Sunday, January 25, 2015

Crystal Ball

Today's muse: Three Word Wednesday

Word prompts: amicable, frivolous, unrefined

* * *

Crystal Ball

Each house in the quiet subdivision was painted a drab brown, fronted by a postage stamp of manicured green. The few gardens that existed were planted with simple white flowers. No color existed on the street.

“Jesus,” Keith muttered. “It’s like driving through a Sepia photograph.”

He scanned the front of every home as he crawled through the neighborhood, kept his speed under twenty-five. She had said he’d recognize it, that it would stand out. Every fucking house looked the same. How the hell was he supposed to…

Then he saw it.

Bright red siding. Neon-yellow front door. Enormous sunflowers reaching for the afternoon sun.

He couldn’t stop the laugh. “She wasn’t kidding.”

He parked his simple, blue four-door sedan behind her car—a bright yellow eighty-four Volkswagon bug. The only spot of rust, he noted, as he walked to the front door, was at the bottom of the rear passenger-side fender.

Moonflower, Keith decided, was an appropriate name for her.

The self-proclaimed gypsy was the product of hippie parents who had insisted on raising their only child within the amicable confines of a farming compound. She had taught herself to cook—vegan, of course—learned to paint and had discovered she had the gift of Seeing. At least that’s what her website stated.

The door opened before Keith could knock.

Moonflower stood in the doorway, raven curls swirling past her hips, eyes so dark they only reflected hope. She wore a floor-length dress in periwinkle blue, a frivolous number of gold bangles on her left wrist and a serene smile that spoke of knowledge beyond this realm and a promise of unbridled sexuality.

Months of text messages and telephone flirting had bloomed to this. It was no longer a fantasy. Every unrefined thought whipped through Keith’s head and straight down to his cock. She reached out and took his hand, guided him into her home.

“I don’t think I’ll need my crystal ball today,” Moonflower said, backing him into her bedroom. “I already know how this will end.”


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Monica Manning said...

@ThomG: Well, I DO write romantic erotica. This doesn't come close to how naughty it can get. I try to keep it tame on this blog.

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Ms. Manning, I blush,,(grinning) reckon?