Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Today's muse: Succinctly Yours by Grandma's Goulash

The rules: Using the picture and/or word (the word is optional), write a story under 140 characters OR 140 words.

Today's word: Practice.

Today's photo:

* * *


The bell of a new day rings, shrill as nails on a chalkboard. Obedience is a lesson she never seems to learn, despite the discipline. Each day she cowers in the corner, her dunce cap too heavy to bear, weighing down her pride. Mocking jeers seep into her rocking, fetal body.

She hides her face in bent knees. Though she’s had years of practice, she never mastered the art of deceit. Not like him. And if he sees her eyes he’ll know. He’ll know she plans to graduate today.


glnroz said...

i hope "she" graduates his butt into the ground,,,

Spook said...

^ I'm with glnroz! I was bullied at school, and it's all too easy to remember how much it can affect you, even years afterwards. But I won't start rambling about that - you'll never shut me up xP

Monica Manning said...

glnroz: Me, too!

Spook: I remember, too. The laws for abusers aren't harsh enough. If the lawmakers were victims, they'd understand.

Pat said...

This arouses all sorts of questions in my mind....Is "he" the teacher or a classmate?...Is she autistic?...What commands did she disobey? Great start to a mystery!

Jim said...

Poor thing. She is deluded beyond the limit. I hope she goes 'off to college' and leaves this jerk behind.

Too bad he isn't going to pay for his awfulness.