Friday, August 5, 2011


Today's muse: Friday Flash 55

Write a story in 55 words. No more. No less.

* * *


“I have something special for you.”

Lips like butterflies brush her ear. Sara bites back a moan. She wants him. God she wants him.

He brushes a thumb against the nub that strains against her thin tee. “Wait here,” he whispers, stepping away.

Sara nods, keeps her eyes closed until the door closes behind him.


Deborah said...

I'm going to have to have a glass of wine and cigarrette to hand if I'm going to keep reading your stuff!

Oh and of course, brilliantly written, as always :o)

Brian Miller said...

oh now that is cold...he better be back...

G-Man said...

Man that was STEAMY!!!
Of course I Loved it!
Good thing this was limited to 55 words or else someone might have...
Well, Good thing.
Fantastic 55 My Friend
Thanks for playing, and have a Kick Ass Week-End

glnroz said...


L'Aussie said...

Phew! Where's the fan! You've done so well with this challenge and in so few words. Makes the Romantic Friday Writers 400 look like a lot!

I came by to say hello as you've followed RFWers. I wish you well on your book and I'm intrigued as to your real name. Monica Manning has a nice ring to it. I've followed you so I can read more of your challenges and I hope you might see your way clear to enter one of RFWers challenges one Friday. You can write under 400 words too!


Monica Manning said...

Deborah: Thanks! I usually need a smoke after, too (and I don't smoke either!)

Brian Miller: It's interesting that you said that. I meant that he was leaving, never coming back, and somehow she knows that. I'm always intrigued when readers give me their interpretation. Which, of course, makes me second-guess my work. *sigh* Writers are so damn needy!

glnroz: you're always waiting for me! :O) And I appreciate that!

L'Aussie: I will definitely submit to one of your challenges. Thanks for following and stopping by. I love to hear that someone else got all hot and bothered.